Andrea Vitullo is the founder and CEO of Inspire. He has a background in marketing and communication management for multinational companies.

Today he is the inspiration behind a number of organizations and Executive Coach of entrepreneurs and managers.  Expert in Transformational Coaching, he employs observation, listening and inspiration to strengthen individuals and promote Generative Leadership within organizations.  He teaches a Master in Philosophical Counselling at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and a Master of Philosophy As a Way of Transformation at the University of Verona.  He is a yoga and Mindfulness teacher and author of: Leadership Riflessive (Contemplative Leadership – Apogee Publisher 2006), Leadershit: rottamare la mistica della leadership e farci spazio nel mondo (Scrapping the leadership’s mystique in order to find ourselves room in the world – Ponte alle Grazie 2011) and “maam. La Maternità è un master che rende più forti uomini e donne” ( Maternity is a Master that makes men and women stronger — written together with Riccarda Zezza – Bur Rizzoli 2014)