What is it?
Feed is a self-coaching training platform designed for those organizations that want to renew their energy and manage stress and anxiety, focusing on the present to imagine the future
smart and easy-to-access program that supports individuals in achieving their goals and companies that want to promote new best practices, build relationships based on trust, listening, empathy, and foster teamwork.
How does it work?
Through movie clips, powerful questions, exercises, comic strips and other examples, different aspects of an effective relationship are considered: active listening, preconceived ideas, feedback, open-mindedness and kindness. 
Feed is a closed website accessible through a newsletter, tailor made for the company, that facilitates the authentic discovery of one’s potential and talents.
A break in the daily routine, dedicated to everyone inside the organization. Every month a new episode engages the individual with practical excercises and an invitation to share thoughts and opinions with colleagues so as to involve everyone within the company in new practices “at work” and support long-term transformation. 
Impact on company culture
We will develop:
  • Reflecting on the most effective behaviors
  • Implementing new behaviors and ways of speaking
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Building a more collaborative environment
  • Developing personal presence and listening abilities
  • Increasing productivity with less effort