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Andrea Vitullo is the founder and CEO of Inspire. He has a background in marketing and communication management for multinational companies.

Today he is the inspiration behind a number of organizations and Executive Coach of entrepreneurs and managers.  Expert in Transformational Coaching, he employs observation, listening and inspiration to strengthen individuals and promote Generative Leadership within organizations.  He teaches a Master in Philosophical Counselling at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and a Master of Philosophy As a Way of Transformation at the University of Verona.  He is a yoga and Mindfulness teacher and author of: Leadership Riflessive (Contemplative Leadership – Apogee Publisher 2006), Leadershit: rottamare la mistica della leadership e farci spazio nel mondo (Scrapping the leadership’s mystique in order to find ourselves room in the world – Ponte alle Grazie 2011) and “maam. La Maternità è un master che rende più forti uomini e donne” ( Maternity is a Master that makes men and women stronger — written together with Riccarda Zezza – Bur Rizzoli 2014)

Anna Gironda — Partner of Inspire

Life coach, Anna is a specialist in the development of personal potential.  Listening Counsellor.

Riccarda ZezzaCo-founder of maam and Strategic Consultant

After working for 15 years in multinational companies in Italy and abroad, in 2012 Riccarda founded the company Piano C (www.pianoC.it) with the goal of innovating the organization of work and  capture all the energy from the emerging resources that are women. In 2013 together with Andrea Vitullo, she launched maam® — maternity as a master: a project that, through the definition of a new «generative leadership», challenges one of the most harmful stereotypes for 21st century economics: the one that sees maternity as the crisis of women’s employment. In September 2014, her book “maam — La maternità  è un master che rende più forti uomini e donne” (Maam — Maternity is a master that makes men and women stronger) was published by BUR. Researcher, blogger, teacher, and consultant about diversity, women’s employment, innovation and leadership.


Stefano Novajra — Graphic Designer

Visual artist and graphic designer, he works with communication and brand identity.  He considers music and photography as his second and third home.  For Inspire he takes care of the creative aspects of products and consulting projects.

Gabriele Grosso — Project Manager — Philosopher

Philosopher by vocation, organizational consultant by challenge.  Gabriele studied Philosophy in Milan and Venice, and has always kept his research and his philosophical questions lively and updated.  He formed his background in the field of real economy, working on corporate models and managerial paradigms.  He has been practising philosophy in economics for several years, programming transformational paths for companies, organizations and institutions that are trying to shift from the certainties of «what’s already been said and done» to the challenges of «what hasn’t been thought and done yet» about brand identity, people strategy, innovation, communication and training courses.  Gabriele is a facilitator of philosophical practice oriented towards professional growth and personal enrichment in group and individual sessions.  Blogger and writer by passion, so far…


Benedetta Silj — Philosophical Consultant

Philosopher, writer, coach.  With a degree from the University of Rome, Benedetta has worked for many years as a freelance journalist for women’s magazines with reportages and articles in the psychological arena.  She is an operator in hippotherapy and a philosophical consultant, she develops research and training projects for companies, associations and institutions and she is also a life-coach.  Together with Giovanna Melandri, Benedetta is co-author of the book “Come un chiodo” (Like a nail – Donzelli – 2007), a study of the epidemic phenomenon of eating disorders.

Riccardo Rita —Consultant

Writer, musician, researcher of storytelling techniques and creative methods, during the 15th legislature Riccardo was the Director of Communication at the Ministry for the Relationship with Parliament and Institutional Reforms, as well as the official spokesman for the Minister of Youth and Sports policies.  He published an album with Polygram, a number of stories in literary magazines as well as articles on political analysis. Together with the Holden School and De Agostini, he developed a project dedicated to political communication within the multimedia course “Writing”.   Managing Editor of the website www.g8italia2009.it

Andrea SerenaPhilosopher and yoga teacher

Born in Venice in 1965.  Andrea graduated in philosophy and since the 90’s has dedicated himself entirely to the pursuit of a spiritual path, practicing yoga with the most prestigious masters, including his holiness the xiv° Dalai Lama Tenzin Ghyatso, Ghesce Ciampa Ghyatso, Kyongla Ratho Rinpoche. Andrea is a certified yoga teacher since 1998.  Currently he leads courses and workshops on “The Five Tibetans” and “breathing techniques” throughout Italy. He collaborates on the project “yoga and philosophy in prison” with associations such as l.o.tu.s., co.ge.s.of Venice, the Ministry of Justice and the Regione Veneto.